Conscious Dance Nishta

White heat strikes at a chalky earth, 
Rosemary rises from agitated ground, 
The moist air lingers over my salty lips - lizzards scurry-  
Waves crash under a blinding and wondrous sky…

I am effervescent, permeable, willowy and hot.
Control, Losing control, Who the fuck has control?

Ahhhh... A liberated and teasing God. 

Naked and out to sea. The water is warm, clear, turquoise and gentle.

The back side floats along an enormous rock, a phallic steep mass of stone, white with streaks of silver and grey. It juts out from its' firmly planted position - Lost at sea. It glimmers in the sun like a lost jewel. 

Facing the rock, curious to investigate this place. I remind myself that I am safe. I am in deep still waters but all is well. Body is moved along, guided by God's gentle current, I surrender...
Passing an iron railing, barely visible to be sharply swept near to the entrance.  

Just behind the rail - a small platform and what appears to be a door - it beckons. I climb up and enter the small door. Inside the rock - an amphitheatre - ancient, greek, silent. Scrambling downwards toward the center - there, a red napkin and a dead black bird, its’ head, feet and feathers are all that remain. 

A storm rolls in - it feels like the perfect moment. Luring me into its lightning skies - ascending reassured out of the water upwards into a soft pouring rain. It frightens me all the same. I want to be drenched, no truth could reach me more deeply. 

Written during a 2.5 year Libido On-going group with Andrea Juhan - France

nishta matarese