OPEN FLOOR - Circular Leadership

Leadership is essential to community, but in the reciprocal model, this role can rotate between members, depending on the needs of the group. Unlike the way we normally think of leadership, as one person telling others what to do, reciprocal leadership is about engaging everyone to find the way forward. It is spherical in nature, rather than hierarchical. In this way of seeing things, a great leader is an expression of their collective, not its star.
If done well a leader should oversee, guide, and represent the collective vision. But the right person for that role might also change as the group needs change. At times, we may need a confident and outspoken leader to power us through a tangled passage, but other times we need the leader who quietly sees the network of connections within the whole. Sometimes we need a leader who hangs back so another may practice at stepping forward, challenging us to been better than we think possible. Reciprocal leadership ultimately recognizes the circle itself as the teacher.
There is a genius that can only be found in our coming together, and it’s our combined abilities that elevate and strenghten us. True humility doesn’t mean making yourself smaller, but recognizing that we are all the same size: necessary. - Toko-pa Turner, Belonging

Here in MISSION EMBODIMENT one can read more about circular leadership and the founders of Open Floor International and their decision to use a Sociocracy - a Dynamic Governance approach to building a community of teachers & dancers within holistic non-profit organization structure.

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