"Life is an Open Dance, from our first step until our last, we are in a perpetual motion of experiences - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Dance dares me to move into unknown territories;
to trust my body; to be vital and unafraid; to show up and own my story; with all of its' vulnerabilities, fierceness, surprises and delights. Movement resources me with freedom and presence,
it ultimately leads me back to myself, a miraculous heart-filled wonder." ~ Nishta

A friend calls me “Madame Camille-Lyon”  for my ability to adapt and mutate to the next phase of life with enthusiasm and totality; I have studied, worked, taught and fumbled my way through the layers of society by way of counselling, art therapy, film, food, social services, marketing/productions and Argentine Tango. I trust life will always be an ongoing manifestation of what is moving through me.

Transformation is what keeps me curious and what interests me most about working with others. This process of being human IS the process of waking up. Movement, Music and Meditation offer direct access to the unconscious, making dance a transformative revolution and an endless path of discovery for me.

These days, I aspire for more loving-kindness for self and other, to think less and feel more. I laugh and cry freely. I do my best to listen to everything and everyone. At 48, I am learning to pay proper respect to the wisdom of this body. Water, silence, touch, words, beauty, plants, travel – they are my medicine. I have a daily spiritual bodymind practice that supports inner space and clarity, it is an act of self-love.

I lived in Hawaii for 20 years where I was Director of Marketing and Programs at The Studio Maui before moving to Europe 6 years ago. I co-founded Conscious Dance Italy, a resource and production association for Italian dancers. On most days, I can be lost or found in the hillsides of Tuscany.


My guides: Osho, Mother Nature, Geordie Jahner, Vinn Marti, Brigitta Winkler and my beloved, Shastro. I give thanks to the Halprin Life Art Process and to my Diamond Approach teachers and the Work. I honor Lori, Andrea and Kathy for creating and sharing a new paradigm of the dance.