Here one can find an overview of where I will be teaching. At times, I assist and organize my teachers so I include that information here. To keep my practice alive, I am sometimes just a moving participant - I include some of those events as well - perhaps this is where will meet as movers on the floor.

I love to collaborate, across various methods and modalities, with other teachers in that each offering is enriched with as much breadth and depth as possible. I enjoy working with a process and within themes. I incorporate the arts and develop course work that is supportive within specific communities.

A social worker at heart, I welcome opportunities to share - I am passionate about using this work as portal to serve. I believe that the more you have, the more you should give, the more you give, the more you will receive.

EVents where Nishta is teaching


Lago D’Orta | Mandali Retreat Center
25/30 marzo | 18/22 aprile | 3/10 maggio
3/8 Novembre | 14/19 Ottobre

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The Art of Joy
Garyu Centro | Siena | Venerdi 20.00-22-00 | 8 classes

Serie di incontri su ARTE IN MOVIMENTO
Firenze | 27 Ottobre| 24 Novembre

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The Shape of Me

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Embody Masculine/Feminine Energies


8-13 December 2019

Take an inner journey, to reestablish a well-being that is independent of outer circumstances and solidly rooted within the BodyMind. With the practice of Yin Yoga, meditation, pranayama, conscious movement, creative writing, drawing and aromatherapy, you will (re)discover your true Self and a renewed passion for life.

Your inner world is reflected in your outer world. In order to meet the world in an open way, in which you can experience balance and flow, you first need to establish a solid connection with your Self. Through the busy-ness of life, and the demands society seems to put on you, you may have lost track of who you actually are and what you want in life.

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Interested? Please mail Vira to sign in & to receive further Information -

31 MAY - JUNE 6, 2020

This is an invitation for women to come together no matter what age, life story, religious belief or spiritual path. It is a deep inquiry into essence, to rest in your innermost core as silence, to discover who you really are beneath the narratives of our conditioned lives and give creative expression to those parts of us unseen.

Here we will learn new ways to respond instead of react and resource ourselves to live our lives from the awareness of an open-heart. Let’s come home to being, to what truly matters – let’s embody the art of being a woman.

At the Heart of this retreat is Conscious Movement and through Dance, Yoga, active Meditation & Creative Arts we will explore ways of giving expression to body-mind-soul. There will be plenty of time and space for self-care in nature and in the south of Spain called Andalusia, meaning to walk easy.

Events that Nishta Organizes - CONscious DAnce Italy

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Retreat with Founder of Soul Motion in Tuscany

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Founder of Open Floor teaches 3 day workshop in Milano

events Where Nishta will be Moving - Assisting - supporting


Andrea Juhan | Open Floor founder | Winterthur, CH


Open Floor founder Lori & Kathy with Cathy Ryan| France
7 day ART IN MOTION residential


Firenze | 5rhythms |Evangelos Diavolitsis